Fall Semester of 2021 Graduates

 Samantha Hahn Photo

 Samantha Hahn

 Master of Public Health

 Future Plans: Samantha plans to move forward with her education to pursue a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She plans to use her MPH paired with a DVM to work as a public health veterinarian and bridge the gap between public health and veterinary medicine in the public eye. When she first began the MPH program, many people asked how it would help her with her veterinary degree. She would then go on to explain the role that preventive medicine plays in society and the health of our communities, both in the animal and human sectors. She believes that preventive medicine & health education is a crucial key to public health. 


 Duha Hamdan Photo

 Duha Hamdan

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans:  Duha plans to complete her final two years of medical school now that her MPH is complete.


 Tamara Jordan Photo

 Tamara Jordan

 Master of Public Health/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (conferred spring 2019)

Future Plans: Tamara will be going back to medical residency next summer. She hopes to match into Preventive Medicine, where she will continue to work as a physician in the public health sector. Her MPH will directly contribute to her career in public health. She hopes to continue working in research, especially community engagement. 


 Lauren Kerrick Photo

 Lauren Kerrick

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: Upon completion of her MPH degree, she will be transitioning out of clinical patient care into a research-based position at Michigan State University. This position will be through the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department and will focus on lead exposure in adults. The primary duties of this role are interviewing participants, collecting data, analyzing data, and sharing this information with inter-professional teams at the local health department, State of Michigan, and the CDC.

Her future goal is to apply for a doctoral degree program in epidemiology, with a focus in environmental epidemiology.


 Natalie Mar Photo

 Natalie Mar

 Master of Public Health

Future Plans: Upon completion of her MPH, Natalie will continue to apply and interview with non-profits and universities in the D.C. area. Health promotion, culturally competent practices, and health education will remain central in her future career.