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Michigan State University offers top-quality online Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees through the College of Human Medicine. These degrees are the perfect choice for individuals who are passionate about making a significant impact on public health.

The 100% online MPH degrees provide unparalleled flexibility, affordability, and hands-on education opportunities to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our program emphasizes practical instruction, research, and community partnerships to promote health equity for all citizens.

Select an MPH degree from three concentrations or enroll in a graduate certificate:

  • Master of Public Health - Generalist
  • Master of Public Health - Rural Public Health
  • Master of Public Health - Public Health Data Management and Analytics
  • Core Disciplines of Public Health Graduate Certificate

Designed to accommodate busy lifestyles. Our online course delivery system offers asynchronous learning for students living and working in different time zones. Students can complete the work according to their schedule week by week.

MSU’s program is ideal for professionals wanting to engage in preventive health. It is also perfect for new and recent graduates from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, social work, anthropology, business, law, dietetics, nursing, and more.

The MPH degree offers dual enrollment that can be taken in conjunction with other master's and terminal degree programs at MSU.

Master of Public Health Degree

MSU's MPH degree is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to make a significant impact on public health. With world-class faculty and a cutting-edge curriculum, we provide students with the knowledge they need to thrive in their careers. A key feature of the MPH degree is the emphasis on applied knowledge. With three concentrations to choose from, students can tailor their coursework to their specific needs and interests.

Graduate Certificate

Core Disciplines of Public Health Graduate Certificate courses serve as the core courses required of students pursuing a Master of Public Health degree. The graduate certificate provides students with a basis for understanding the breadth and scope of public health by introducing them to designing a public health intervention and evaluation, conceptualizing a health equity framework, the principles of community engagement, public health methodology, the social determinants of health, and more. 

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Lifelong Education

Lifelong Education enrollment status is designed to provide anyone who is not currently pursuing a degree at Michigan State University access to courses. It is important to note that Lifelong Education is not a college, a major, or an office on campus. It is an enrollment status and the term Lifelong Education is applied to students who are not pursuing a university degree.